Close to Evil

An RTE Radio interview marking Holocaust Memorial Day in January 2012 is the catalyst for a remarkable journey. Holocaust survivor Tomi discovers one of his former jailers - Hilde Lisiewicz is alive and living in Hamburg. Lisiewicz is a convicted War Criminal. She claims she is a victim of victor's justice. Tomi embarks on a quest to investigate the SS woman's claims of innocence. Unexpectedly Tomi's odyssey ends where his story began, back in his native Merasice, meeting the ghosts from the past and embracing a German woman directly associated with the man who had a role in the liquidation of Tomi's family.

Clip from Tomi Reichental's first film, 'Til the Tenth Generation', produced by Praxis Pictures


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Tomi Reichental's latest journey is documented in the 2017 feature, 'Condemned to Remember'